Erin | Portraits

September 10, 2015 Portraits

I had the privilege of photographing some portraits Erin, before her final Law Dance at the Hellenic Centre in Cape Town.  Erin looked so beautiful!  I had such a great time photographing her!  Erin, you made my job so easy that evening 😉

Erin Dance_Web_Blog-5 Erin Dance_Web_Blog-6 Erin Dance_Web_Blog-7 Erin Dance_Web_Blog-11 Erin Dance_Web_Blog-23 Erin Dance_Web_Blog-26 Erin Dance_Web_Blog-27 Erin Dance_Web_Blog-28 Erin Dance_Web_Blog-35 Erin Dance_Web_Blog untitled Erin Dance_Web_Blog-8